Welcome to the Nacho Army!

Came from Club Penguin?

Fill this form out to join the Nacho Army!

If you’re new don’t forget to check the Next Battle page for the next battle!


What do I do now?

➡ Please do EACH of the following things after you join!

— Read our Beginner’s Guide for the best information about the basics of Nachos, from battling to ranking up in the army! Check out that page by clicking >>HERE<<

— Visit Nacho Chat, our command headquarters, directly below to talk to other soldiers and the leaders of the Nacho Army! 

The box below is the chat room. Soldiers are usually found on chat at all times. Don’t be afraid to meet them or ask experienced soldiers for help.  After you place your comment, you can visit the full screen version of our chat by clicking HERE and the chat page which has more information by clicking HERE.

To join the chat, click on your name! You have a green pawn and are on the top of the users list!

(The computer will give you a funny default name that you can change later.)

Still have questions? Our official commercial should be able to answer them!

Leave a comment!

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