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@Chip You’ve got it completely wrong.

This post isn’t insulting chip, but just saying that what he stated is in fact not true.

*This does not reflect the views of nachos on a whole.*

In a post he made on WV site he has said “multi-logging” is making cp armies die which it honestly isn’t. What’s making CP armies die is that CP it self is dying and before you start blaming bots, we should blame CP themselves for not making the game enjoyable so that people will play. If you think about CP when it was in its prime on the 5 bar servers, everyone would be speaking constantly and they’d only pay attention to there conversations and would totally ignore the bots. What I’m trying to say is multi-logging only just gives you an unfair advantage on The Top Ten. Mass multi-logging 20+ troops isn’t killing the game for anyone as far as I’m concerned, and we should start paying attention to the important thing, Club penguin itself is dying.

~Summit The tastiest nacho alive.

9 Responses

  1. Multilogging make CPA lose its dignity. Less fun, less people care about armies anymore – more people retire – armies die faster.

    • Baa, I agree with Chip.
      This post made to address chip’s opinions has some truth in it as well of course.
      Club Penguin itself ‘dying’ causes insufficient regular cp players joining the CPA community to replace the number of members of the CPA community retiring.
      As the number of retirements are about to get a lot higher than number of ppl joining, it eventually leads to the CPA community shrinking (dying).
      Therefore, the issue here is simple:
      The number of retirements are increasing rapidly, but the number of ppl joining is decreasing, causing a net decrease in number of members in the CPA community over time.
      Chip has explained the reason for an increase in retirements, while the post has explained the reason for the decrease in number of members joining the CPA community.
      Both are major factors.
      What this post fails to acknowledge is that Chip is also correct. Additionally, this post asks for the community to divert it’s attention to the fact that club penguin itself is dying instead of the multil-logging issues, when in reality, there is nothing much that we as a community can do if CP itself is dying (we can’t fix this), while multi-logging can still be tackled although an uphill task. Therefore, focusing on the issue at hand would be more pragmatic. By decreasing the number of retirements, the current problems the CPA community is facing can still be alleviated.

      Just my opinion of course 😀
      Up for debate.

      • Multilogging is irrelevant in making people retire because how many people a week do you see people retiring because of multilogging playing a MAJOR part?

      • TL;DR: “I have lost interest in CP armies” = common reason of retirements
        Multilogging on a large scale-> unfair game-> frustration, annoyance, boredom -> lose interest -> more retirements

        I would be convinced that many people have been retiring as a result of frustration directed towards our community.
        The paramount reason being that they are sick of the lack of sportsmanship, and multilogging is a major factor.

        It’s more often that I see people describe this community as “cancer”, and although the rate of retirements caused directly by CPA’s lack of sportsmanship isn’t that great, though significant, I believe the claim that it is speeding up is undebatable.

        Of course, many retire for a combination of reasons.
        For instance, one could retire because of school in real life + the fact they are sick of this community.
        Either way, a lack of sportsmanship through multilogging would have sped up retirements.

        In the long-run, if the multilogging endemic continues to exacerbate, more and more would retire. The retirements would begin with mainly those in the upper ranks of armies who are aware of the unfairness going on. So it isn’t about only what is happening now. In recent months, we have seen the problem worsen, and more people making claims that “it’s okay, because everyone is doing it”, “it’s okay since we only get penalized a little”. Clearly, if you believe we should divert our attention away from this, then the number of retirements, even if now they are not significant enough, would definitely be in the future if this continues.

        Some friends of mine like Sidie9 are considering a retirement soon due to how messed up our community is.
        I know troops from my former armies who retired justifying they were annoyed at the community, and I believe you perhaps have too.
        I would agree that most only claim to be annoyed and don’t actually leave, but there would be a number who eventually do (although everyone does eventually, but I am implying it is sped up)

        Even Waterkid in his retirement post said he would want to stay away from this community, also describing it as “cancer”.
        Kind of hypocritical and self-contradictory, I know.

        And really, let’s be frank, a highly common reason for retirements has been “I am no longer interested in armies”.

        And from my understanding, multilogging -> unfair game -> annoyance/boredom -> lose interest

        The reason is they have lost interest is not simply because they feel they are too old for it. (Although that’s a common reason too)
        The game loses its fun, and that has its ramifications.

        And I strongly believe multi-logging plays a role in that.

        And the community dying doesn’t always just mean the drop in sizes etc.
        It also means the community getting boring and simply messed up. That too, in my perspective, is tantamount to dying.

  2. I agree with this, but multilogging is immoral no matter what.

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