Trader’s intimidating message

Alright, fellas. I don’t know why Trader is sending me a message whilst he is the one who caused this conflict. Trader seems amused at the fact I made a Spring Sport, and that vacation plans/any plans really aren’t gonna happen. So yeah, I returned as a leader temporarily, it’s not a big deal and I don’t expect it to be a big deal. Trader claims the biggest mistake of my career was to return to the Nachos in this war.

I’ll most likely have my practices everyday from like 2:00 EST- 7:00 EST, and Regattas (Races) on the weekends. I’m sure the ignorant Trader had no knowledge of that.

Trader was my inspiration to return in the first place. He is truely the one who influenced my return after hearing all about how Nachos would get recked by Golds, or how ACP would anal us in any war, any day, anytime.

That’s enough talk about me, but Trader now says that I’ll regret stepping foot on their servers. Are you guys scared of Trader? No, I wouldn’t be. Trader’s not gonna do anything, and ACP’s not gonna do anything. They mock our maxing of 10 at recruiting sessions (events based on recruiting) and our maxes of 10 in February-Early March when Nachos are usually a bit inactive. But… Who’s winning the war?



Here, good General Chainpro surrenders the battle in a gracious way.

Yeah, Trader rally made me and you guys regret stepping foot on their server. I think we made you regret your shit talk a little bit. So Trader, you’re talking of making us regret invading you? How long are you gonna wait to make us regret? Until all of your servers are gone?

Good luck in the war to the rest of ACP, but this is what you guys look like because of Trader:

This is a cat tank, it is not amused.

Don’t back down guys. Fire up the cat tanks, it’s game time.


****Nacho leader****

2 Responses

  1. When you see a Cat Tank, you better hope it is on your side.

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