Sleet was a joke fellas

Alright, so as my football coach would say, “WHAT A FREAKING JOKE!”

This event was a true joke all around, but not just for us. We weren’t the joke, the Army of Club Penguin was. We had a shit size max of about 11 soldiers and it just didn’t go well. I mean, I guess you can say we were outnumbered, but I wouldn’t be quite too sure about that? ACP multilogged…badly….with…UMA’s multilogs.

So I’ve had my theories about multilogs with UMA for a long time, and their whole genius radical plan. They have a partnership with, so the chat is constantly filled with players and no one can tell who the penguins are that are logging on. It gets a bit obvious when UMA’s maxing 35 at Ausia training sessions, but I won’t go into further detail. Anyway, I see a couple consistent UMA “troops” at events for them like “Nachos357” , “Supergirloxo” and “Tiffany 334.” Nothing suspicious about them… except that they’re at every single UMA event for every time zone. Well, they happend to be at ACP’s event today. And who is ACP’s brother ally? UMA. Now it could just be a coincidence that these troops are just unbelievable, and can make every UMA event AND their allies event today. Hard to believe unfortunately. Here’s a pic of a recent UMA event with the three troops circled.

And this pic just really finishes it off. 19 minutes before ACP’s event against us, this happend at the UMA chat. ACP needed to “null up” their chat for event time, so they used the UMA bot to boot them to the ACP chat. It’s a clever idea, but Nacho intelligence is better than that.

A fine observation by one of ACP’s owners. Even they knew something was up.

I went to the ACP chat to try and reason with Trader to take the penguins off. I was then violently banned and told to “stop crying.”


Enough of the ACP pictures. Time to show our shit sizes on Sleet to the world. We’re truely sorry, citizens of Sleet. We didn’t have a good enough line of defense there today. We shall avenge you, and we will liberate you!

Don’t get me started on “Nachocrusher.”



The cat tanks will liberate you, Sleet!

Well ACP, I hope you’re happy you conquored a low military populated border province within the Nacho Empire. We’ll get it back 😉 . I’ll gamble Sleet for Breeze (your capital). 

Together we stand, divided we fall


****Nacho leader****

We’re ready, how ’bout you?

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