March Madness Elite Eight Results

Dan101 edit: CP Warfare recorded a video of the battle!


G’day, Nachos! Today, we fought hard in the Quarter Finals of our lovely tournament, the March Madness. We performed really well, having sizes of 25 up to 35. Outnumbering and dominating over the NW, we beat them and took a spot in the Semi Finals. Although the judges told us that NW won by 2-1 vote, they admit that it was a prank and we won! Great job my fellow Nachos. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of the battle, though I have some other.

Stone Edit: My/Agents pictures added in, though none at ski village we were locked out. Even though we lost you all did great. Promos will be given.

Screenshot at Mar 20 19-27-16.png




Screenshot at Mar 20 19-26-42.png

Screenshot at Mar 20 19-26-34.png

Screenshot at Mar 20 19-26-55.png

Screenshot at Mar 20 19-27-22.png

Screenshot at Mar 20 19-26-48.png

Screenshot at Mar 20 19-26-25.png



9 Responses

  1. 🙂

    • THIS IS AWESOME, I WAS ON THE MARCH MADDNESS VIDEO, I was on the beach saying “why are you retiring?” It’s me Yehaw 😉
      And on yesterday’s video too!
      Too bad Legofan cy wasn’t on yesterday’s battle 😦

      • I can’t be active for now, Yehaw. I will get active again in Easter Holidays. See you there!

        • Ok Legofan Cy 🙂

        • Legofan Cy, yesterday’s battle was cool and we won, he even had time to hold a party!

          • Awesome! Hope you enjoyed it! 😀

  2. yayayayayayya


  4. I was there……locked out in most….at least there in two pics lol

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