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The true bs of Club Penguin Army Central

So, We lost the tournament today. Normally, I’d just take it, but this one was fucked up. So we Nachos logged on at about 1:45, and we were maxing like 35 in the Beach. We did a couple of warm up tactics, and overall were in a good position for the first room. So then, minutes before, someone was like “Hey, the room is probs gonna be the Ice Berg.” A total of 4 Nachos entered the room. The room was announced as the Ice Berg and we entered the room. We formed a plus initially and overall began to dominate the room. NW did a total of about 5 joke bombs that room, and did put up a fair fight. We then got into a wall formation, while NW walled themselves alongside us. We were then informed by Mach because our four troops entered the room early that we’d be deducted -4 in size for that room. We were bigger than NW anyway.

Now, the bullshit starts. From the minute the battle started, we knew something was up. Bam, Trader, and Mach were the judges. Mach isn’t a Nacho fan, and Trader/Bam… They’re at war with us. Who is the retard that put our judges as the people we’re at war with? Waterkid was right, the Power League now controls CPAC and armies I guess. So, the room was announced by Trader/Bam as the outside of the mine. Well, NW didn’t understand that and went to the inside of the mine. NW missed out on the room, and our shit judges didn’t want a decisive Nacho victory. With 10 seconds notice, they said “We’re redoing the room change.”

The ski village was announced as the room, and the solid 18 Nachos we got in there had no shot in the room. NW was already there in formation. The entire room, they pressed “J.”  We went to the CPAC chat knowing we got jewed out. Believe it or not, after technically we won 2 rooms and lost 1, we were deemed losers by our shit judges. We lost the tournament and we out performed and outsized NW for the majority of the battle. NW pressed J a total of 14 times according to Nacho intelligence source, Dominus. NW was also “accused” of multilogging. I don’t know nor care how true that is.

At the same time throughout the battle, I went to the CPAC chat to see what the f*ck was going on. During the battle, I got a PC from some faggot with my dox. Everything about it was wrong. I found at CPAC chat Verum (not leading his battle) and the rest of the judges having a merry time. We were screwed.

This has been quite a shit day for me so far. I’ve been studying for the entire day, we got jewed out of a tournament, someone attempted to dox me and failed, and I don’t even have pictures of this event.

To all you other armies out there, I suggest you boycott this bullshit or do something about it. I don’t think you all want the Power League in control of CPAC tournaments and I’m sure none of you want this utter shit to happen ever again. If you were in the Nachos shoes right now, you’d be pretty fucking pissed.

Fuck you Trader, Fuck you Bam, Fuck you Mach.


****Nacho leader****

6 Responses

  1. u kno we won right it was a prank

  2. Agree with this 110%

  3. i came !! I still dont get it…we won or we lose???
    different posts shows different things…

  4. 100% Agreed. CPA = IDIOTS/FUCKERS

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