Invasion of Cream Soda [RESULTS]

Hola Nachos, 

Today our Navy with a max size of 18 troops invaded the quiet island of Cream Soda from the ACP. We began in the Town, moved to the Iceberg, and ended in the Boiler Room. It was a very snowball-heavy battle, cannons being launched rapidly from both sides. Being that it was a safe chat server, pretty much only emote tactics were used, expect for our Grub! bomb. We outnumbered ACP by about 5 troops, and executed quicker tactics, which makes this invasion a Nacho Victory! Keep it up Nachos. Read on for pics!

Screenshot at Mar 22 16-22-24.png

Screenshot at Mar 22 16-18-50.png

Screenshot at Mar 22 16-23-17.png

Screenshot at Mar 22 16-22-31.png

Screenshot at Mar 22 16-22-44.png

Screenshot at Mar 22 16-22-10.png

Screenshot at Mar 22 16-21-59.png

Screenshot at Mar 22 16-24-20.png


Screenshot at Mar 22 16-23-49.png

Screenshot at Mar 22 16-23-38.png

Screenshot at Mar 22 16-21-21.png

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader

9 Responses

  1. First plus i was there

  2. good job uk nachos!!!!! i got my battle at 8:30 tonight

  3. I was there

  4. I forgot to go to it.

  5. yaaaay…. I was there 🙂

  6. im still wondering why the heck we were in the pizzeria

  7. I was there, we will wreck ACP’s day!!

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