Invasion of Ice Shelf [RESULTS]

Hola Nachos!

Today our UK Division invaded the server Ice Shelf and faced no ACP opposition, once again. Positioning ourselves in the Town, we bombed into the Dock, and finished at the Iceberg. We maxed an excellent 22 troops, with great formations and tactics! We have successfully captured Ice Shelf!

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-12-43.png

Well, the score is NACHOS 82 ACP. VIVA LOS NACHOS!!!!!

Fun fact: Exactly 1 year ago today I attended my first Nacho event! 😀 Read on for pictures!

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-04-27.png

I had the idea of zooming in on Club Penguin so hopefully my pictures won’t look so low quality from now on.

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-03-20.png

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-04-53.png


Screenshot at Mar 23 16-05-16.png

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-04-33.png

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-05-01.png

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-05-08.png

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-03-29.png

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-04-16.png

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-03-45.png

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-03-51.png

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-04-03.png

Screenshot at Mar 23 16-04-09.png



\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader

8 Responses

  1. happy 1 year anniversary stone, this army became lucky the day you joined

  2. Happy anniversary Stone! Anyway I was there! And Lake Diver if you see this you’re hilarious!

  3. aye stone

  4. Happy 1 year nacho celebration Stone!!! You are an amazing leader! Also, ACP is saying we suck, while it is ACp2 Nachos 8 (lel get shrekt acp (army of cute ponies))

  5. I think that the V formation looked really good.

  6. OMG!
    I was there too
    We all were there!!!
    I always save these photos to put on movies

  7. I thought it was a circle!!!!
    It was a “V” formation!
    O O

  8. I was there too
    BTW my previous comment didn’t appear so juz commented again .

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