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March Madness.

Hey Nachos.

I just felt like writing this incase anything goes wrong.We got ourselves a spot in the next round of March Madness. It’s a 3 way battle as you all know. I just wanted to say something. CPAC posted a poll and the outcome was that they thought we were likely to win. Now, this is excellent yes but, don’t take this win for granted just yet because we have to fight the battle before winning. So Nachos by this poll don’t let the excitement get to you and let’s actually win this thing. Let’s bring all our reinforcements and let’s win. Make sure to call all Nachos and friends and make sure they attend. Also about commenting, do comment if you attend I know I never comment when I attend and hopefully now I will start to get into the habit of doing it. Come on the Nachos, victory doesn’t come easy, that’s why we want it.




~Hazie65673, Nacho 3ic~

6 Responses

  1. Definitely

  2. if we don’t win trader will kill us


  4. Very well said!! WE WILL WIN!!!

  5. Don’t worry, if we win I will hug Trader so tight he will actually suffocate 😀


    ~Hazie65673 Nacho 3ic~

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