March to the North Pole

Well Nachos, we gathered today as a large squad of soldiers to make a journey to the lands of the North Pole. Unfortunately, we did not get to see Santa. We however did see some starved reindeer as the Army of Cute Ponies abandoned the province long ago. We fed the reindeer and took them back to the motherland, Nachonnia. There of course was no Army of Cute Pony resistance. The true leader of the Army of Cute Ponies, Chainpro responded to me saying he had no orders to log on. The North Pole is now in Nacho hands. We maxed 18.

Throughout the event, we were also raided by a bunch of annoying faggot penguins that just pressed J. Their efforts proved ineffective.



Screenshot at Mar 31 16-47-35.png

Together we stand, divided we fall


****Nacho leader****

3 Responses

  1. I was there 😀

  2. NM computer lagged out at end, but I was yhere

  3. Lol! Awesome battle!

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