To The Light Troops, From the Nachos

**Keep this stickied**

Dear, Light Troops

Well, today I saw LT’s post on their site and I was alarmed to see that Water said we backstabbed him. Well, here’s what happened:

A day or two before the battle of Flurry, Waterkid graciously came to me asking if he and the Yellow Reich could help us at our battle against ACP. We both agreed we should get the battle on Klondike, considering Flurry is a consistent 3-4 bar and our armies could get locked out. I told Water, and the ACP ownership that we’d do it on Klondike. Well, I fucked up.

I sat down on my couch at 2:13 to take a nap the day of the battle of Flurry, planning to wake up right before the battle commenced. Well, retard me overslept until 5:00 and the battle had passed. Stone led the battle of Flurry ON Flurry instead of Klondike, and ACP never ended up logging on. This left LT ALONE on Klondike by themselves. Well, I could see this pissed Waterkid the fuck off.

So, as an army, and specifically me, we apologize to the Light Troops for leaving them in the dust. I like everything about the Light Troops. They don’t take bullshit from anyone which is a respectable quality. Their leader, Waterkid always offers and gives us help without us asking. It’s hard to find an ally like LT. The only ally we have on equal caliber to LT is the Army Republic.

So, to Waterkid.

I fucked up. It’s my fault we left you in the dust, and I’m sorry. I hope this damage can be repaired. 

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