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What Really Happened At The End Of Last Nights Tournament

Before I begin, I have to congratulate all of you for winning the March Madness 2016 tournament. You all worked hard and the battle was in no way close. It was a defining Nacho Victory so good job on that. Last night however, there was a lot of backstage stuff going on specifically with Gobby. Gobby’s asked me to post this.

The judges of the Nachos vs. Army Republic vs. Night Warriors battle yesterday was Gobby, Supa Em, Atticus and Lorenzo. For some unknown reason, Gobby had made me owner on the CP Army Central chat. Throughout the battle, more specifically in the second room which he announced wrong, he kept talking about how well the Night Warriors are doing with their size advantage presenting clear opinion in favor of one army.

At the :42 minute mark, the judges were asked to vote. If the result was 2-2, the Night Warriors would get another chance but if the result was 3-1, then the army that got the 3 would have won. Supa Em, Lorenzo and Atticus all voted in favor of the Nacho Army. This led to a 3-1 win for the Nacho’s and as a result overtime wasn’t needed. However, clearly wanting Night Warriors to win – Gobby announced that the results was 2-2.

This 3-1 victory should have gone to the Nachos as three out of four judges were all happy with the fact that Nacho’s had won. None of the judges wanted overtime, yet Gobby tampered with the results to give Night Warriors a second chance at winning the tournament. When I found this out, I alerted all judges involved who wanted an explanation and Gobby refused to give one under Bluesockwa1 was on chat in order to cover his ass.

The overtime came and Gobby new that the Nachos were the better performing army so he invited Bam, leader of ACP who the Nachos are at war with, to help judge the overtime. Yes, someone who had missed 45 minutes of the battle was given an opportunity to judge the end result.

The Nachos, in the opinion of all four judges present, had performed better in the time allowed for the battle. However, due to the Night Warriors having a size advantage at certain points, both armies failing to perform at other instances, and the involvement of three armies making the judging process difficult, it was resolved that the battle would be extended into overtime, so that the judges could watch the two armies with the best performance continue to battle to feel more secure in their verdict.

For this reason, though all four judges felt the Nachos performed better in the battle, the vote became 2-2, to allow for an overtime in which the staff of CPAC could become more cemented in their assertion that the Nachos had won — after all, this was the final.

When I informed CPAC that they needed to do the right thing and punish Gobby for faking the results, I was banned on CPAC chat and they prepared this statement full of lies. Now, Gobby said that he believed the Nachos performed better in the time allowed, had this been the case – he wouldn’t have called overtime, so that was a lie.

He also talks about how the decision for overtime was made so the judges became “more cemented in their assertion that the Nachos had won” however the fact of the matter is that none of the judges except Gobby felt the need for an overtime. They were already “cemented in their assertion.” If you take out all the big words from that sentence, it basically means that Gobby allowed overtime so that the judges would change their minds.

Atticus, Supa Em and Lorenzo judged this battle fairly. They should not be subjected to any hate. The only person who has done wrong here is Gobby, and Bluesockwa1 for helping to cover this up. Gobby informed me that Supa Em has actually left CPAC which is further proof that this wasn’t a decision made by all the judges involved.

Gobby didn’t want the Nachos to win so he gave Night Warriors 15 more minutes to try to win over the judges, including bringing in a fifth judge who hadn’t watched the start of the battle. The Nacho Army was simply too strong to lose this battle and the other judges who judged fairly could see this. 


18 Responses

  1. gob is one happy merchant

  2. You know what? I’m gonna become a CPAC judge. At least I would have done a better job than them. Bias bastard 😦

  3. does CPAC ceo even mean anything anymore? clearly if it did, then there would be some action being taken against gob for his actions. pathetic.


  5. “Gobby’s asked me to post this.”

    He actually asked you to make a post exposing him? I’m confused…

  6. jew

  7. LET’S COUP HIM AND MAKE ZING CEO (my long time dream). Ily zing.

  8. Proud of nachos 🙂

  9. This is why Zing was a good CPAC reporter. Exposing other people/armies.

  10. Yes Zing on ye go

  11. Well….he can do whatever he wants…but we won’t go down!!! Nachos rules!!!


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