The war is still on

They made a treaty I was to quick so I agreed after i re-read it i saw that we didn’t get our lost servers back so i took back my word. None of the leader were there (Kevin & Stone to agree) so we still continue  the war until there is a fair treaty . We still own our nation, the war isn’t over don’t listen to any NW or visit their site it’s filled with lies and pro NW. There is not point commenting on their site (they can get you’re IP address).

5 Responses

  1. Idiotic move

  2. I am still going to look at NW’s site because I like to see what they say. I am not going to believe anything on it though.

  3. Nachos, UNTIL da Leaders of NW Make a FAIR Treaty ALL NW ARE TO BE BANNED.

  4. Always make sure your getting a fair treaty before saying your word. You should have checked again to make sure it was fair.

  5. […] Later on that day, the Nachos Leader Dan101 made a post on Nachos site claiming that the surrender was invalid because the other 2 leaders were not there to sign it alongside him. He claims that the Nachos didn’t actually give away any of their servers and that they still own all of them. (The post can be found HERE) […]

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