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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
    ~Nacho Leaders

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Timeline of the past 12 hours

UPDATE: Dan has returned

UPDATE: JT812 confirmed to have left for the Dark Warriors. Not coming back, removed.

UPDATE :Celtic Daft has returned at 1:46 PM EST

Declaring a National Nacho Emergency currently. It’s 12:00 PM EST currently, April 10, 2016. The Army is in near chaos. Riots are erupting among the streets. Our empire was reduced heavily to a smidge of what it used to be. There currently is no Empire, it is almost Anarchy.

So uh, Yesterday we didn’t do too bad at the battle of Fog. I wouldn’t say we won, but I wouldn’t say we lost really. We didn’t take the server, so I guess it’s a “loss”, but we performed alright.. So I got off. I took a nap (I have strep throat) and did stuff. I came back on at like 11:30 PM EST to see a post asking for me to retire by Dan. I read that and I was like, “Ok”.

11:40 EST: Camperjohn64 pc’s me a post on the NW site. Dan had surrendered all of district 2 servers (the majority of our nation) out of panic. He did it without consent of Stone and I. The war was now over, and our nation was gone.

11:42 EST: I began to unleash my rage on Dan. He begins to tell me we can declare it invalid because Stone/I we’re not aware. I continue unleashing my rage on Dan.

11:44 EST: Dan begins to tell me to shut the **** up several times.

11:45 EST: Dan fires back. Dan begins telling me that I’ve been a crappy leader (I have.. been).

11:50 EST: Dan and I argue back and forth. Dan threatens to quit the army, and says it will die without him (that’d be bad).

11:53 EST: I still begin to go off on Dan.

11:57 EST: Dan says “I quit, Don’t come looking for me.”

12:00 AM EST : I go to bed, knowing we’re in deep doodoo.


11:40 AM EST: I get on to find that Celtic Daft has quit for the Light Troops to join for lowest member, JT812 has hoppeed to the Dark Warriors

11:45 AM EST: Dan has not been sighted yet.

11:50 AM EST: State of panic, Martial Law declared. Talex makes an appearance.

11:53 AM EST: Kevin begins writing this post.

11:57 AM EST: Faces come, loyalties declared, possible new leadership organization.

12:38 AM EST: Ultimatum. Kevin finishes post!



Well, I made it clear that it’d be a problem if Dan quit. I’m finding it hard to get on and I’ve been a crappy leader. Dan’s been carrying the army since I returned really. Making matters worse, It seems 2 of our owner ranks have hopped to other armies. The remaining owners are now inactive/on leave. It appears it’s only me and a few others in command with our strong moderator ranks.

I now declare martial law, and assert myself temporary dictator until further notice.


If it was up to me, We wouldn’t have surrendered that war. Stuff happens. We all make mistakes, nothing we can do about it but move forward.

The following people have until 8:00 PM EST to make some sort of contact/post/something to me or the Nacho Army or they will be replaced.

Jt812- *LOYALTY- Dark Warriors* : Reported to have hopped from the Nacho Army and has joined the ranks of the Dark Warriors. 

These people all have a chance to redeem themselves. These people all have a chance to come back and retain their positions, and we can rebuilding. If they don’t come back.


The following person has until tomorrow until 8:00 EST to make an appearance/make contact/declare loyalty/or let us know what’s going on.

Dan101 *LOYALTY – Unknown* : Disappeared yesterday at around 12:00 AM EST. Has not been sighted, said he quit the army. 


The Nacho Army will not hold events for the remainder of Sunday and Monday, April 10, 2016 and April 11, 2016. The Nacho Army will be in a state of emergency until then. Any changes/updates will be posted immediately.

Hoping for the best, Ready to take on a huge challenge, and Really hungry

Yours truly, 


****Nacho Leader**** 

Together we stand, divided we fall

2 Responses

  1. Well then, we’re screwed. I hope they come back. They were good leaders. 😟

  2. Ok. This seems quite chaotic. The Nachos can survive this. We just need to be calm.

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