Access denied, Verum

As I said before, and I’ll say it 100 times over. Nothing about our invasions were invalid. They’ve realized all of the other things I’ve proved are true. They took hopefully what was the last shot today. Here is a post by Verum, semi retired Night Warriors commander.

Now, If we signed this agreement, then it was something Akabob22 signed. If it’s what I think he’s talking about, a document back in August-September 2015, then we never signed it. Anything dealing with Commando717 writing laws for Club Penguin Armies at councils in August-September 2015 were not signed by the Nacho Army. I’m almost sure Aka never signed anything. He was given orders to never sign anything. That’s the Nachos, that never signed anything.

It doesn’t matter if we signed something pertaining to three invasions a day, the Nacho SS never signed anything of the sort. The Nacho SS is a separate army. Get it through your head. If you don’t like it, that honestly sucks. The Nacho SS declared itself independent from us. The Nacho Army is an army and the Nacho SS is an army. Just like the Light Troops and Dark Warriors are seperate armies, the Nacho SS and Nachos are separate armies. We’re separate. Divided. Dan, Stone523, and I (B Batman3) don’t make decisions for the SS. Camperjohn64 and Fluffy9404 make the decisions of the SS. The SS was clear to invade how many servers they wanted, because they never signed an act.

We own those servers. I’ll be issuing governor spots of those servers shortly. All mod & hopefully owner ranks will receive a server under their jurisdiction. Lets take it back old school.


****Nacho Leader****


2 Responses

  1. There’s some penguins recruiting for RPF in the town on Blizzard right now which I believe is violation of the treaty

  2. can we be members of nacho ss?

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