Check Mate

You found no flaw in the treaty. It’s another point that’s been reiterated at least 30x in the past 48 hours. No where in that treaty did it say another army can’t invade servers for us. It said we cannot participate in an army invading us. No one from the Nacho Army participated. Whether you like it or not, they weren’t Nachos or even on our ranks during the time of the invasions!

Tell me where it says no other army. It says “any army in this treaty” and those two armies are the Nachos. The Nacho SS were exempt. You don’t understand the Nacho SS. The Nacho SS isn’t the Nachos. I don’t care what it’s creation purposes were, it’s still a seperate army. RPF was created as a rebellion, and they turned out as an army. Everything’s legal in these invasions. We got our servers back.

Check mate.

Keep saying “RIP Nachos.” We got every server back.

Oh, and Zelecon. Your post wasn’t too long to read. I read every word.

Keep trying to find ways out. You’re at the point where your content is getting repetitive and we’re at the point where Toysoldier is starting to assert himself god and say “If I say the invasions are illegal, then they are.”

Have a nice day.


****Nacho Leader****

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