Weekly Poll [One Edition]

Hola Nachos!

So I’ve decide the Chat Poll wasn’t such a good idea and was sorta stopped due to ‘unforeseen events’ so we’ll do it the old fashioned way and having voting on site! As usual, the voting will be weekly with results posted every weekend!

Weekly Poll #1

Check back on site for the results and new polls weekly! 😀


3cWiysp - Imgur

John-Nacho General “Dont you just love a big fish?”

6 Responses

  1. Awesome Idea! I joined in late 2009 if I remember well, but since I logged in on my dad’s computer as I didn’t have my own yet, I quit because my dad forced me to, fearing for viruses. I rejoined in late 2014 where I found Nachos! 😀

  2. I joined club penguin early in 2009, when I was 6 years old. I like polls!

  3. I STARTED Club Penguin in 2014, joined the Nachos, quit CP, and rejoined in 2016.

  4. tbh i dont have a clue i could tell u if my orginal account didnt get deleted for inactivity

  5. June 2006. And it was all because I was at my friend’s house and I saw him playing it.

    I remember I was mind blown because it was a video game where you could play with other people around the world. So in other words: Club Penguin was the birth of my internet life

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