Weekly Poll #2 [Results – New Poll]

Ay ay aY Nachos!!!!!

We got many votes on last weeks poll asking what year you started to play Club Penguin! Below you’ll find the results of that poll as well as this weeks poll!

As well as voting in the poll above, feel free to leave a comment on the poll or share memories of some of these consoles! If we get some good feedback maybe I’ll feature your comment in the next segment!



When did you start Playing Club Penguin?


Total Votes – 58

2008-2009 (ayyy) – 17%

2010 (hype) – 15%

2013-2014 !!! – 13%

2011-2012 – 12%

2006 – 12%

2005 – 12%

2015 – 8%

2007 – 6%

2016 (younglings) – 1%

It’s pretty cool we got some evenly spread out players in the Nachos (disregarding 2016 lul)



JohnnyBoy – “dats boof yo”





10 Responses

  1. Wheres pc gaming you console scrubs, u know what steam is!

  2. PC gaming is the best and I just realised that it might have not been my favourite if I never played club penguin.

  3. xbox 360 anyone? No?? Ok, I’ll jut sit in y corner and cri ery tm sm1 islts cnsls

  4. ps4 ftw.. anyone?

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