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Address to the ENTIRE army

Legofan Cy edit: Don’t be so harsh on us, Kevin.  it’s the exams period these weeks,  people want to study and get good marks. They might come on daily, but maybe for a while,  and NOT when you’re on. Be on chat for 24 hours and then we will see if we are inactive 😉

Hello Nachos,

It’s unfortunate to see, but after a week of coming on the Nacho chat at all hours, I saw the same outcome every time. The chat is dead, usually with no more than Casillas, Dan and a few unmarked members. This should not be, and this is a problem. I’ve checked the chat at non event hours multiple times. At times like 5:37 EST, 8:00 EST, 7:02 EST, and even 2:30 EST. No one is ever on chat. Maybe I’m mistaken, but chat is supposed to always be active correct? As an owner, you’re complied to be on chat… a lot right?

It seems like you guys just don’t care anymore. I’m telling you guys, if you want to succeed, if you want to take on NW later this year, if you want to win wars, then you HAVE to keep the chat active, recruit minimally, and attend events…..

This isn’t Dan, Camper or Stone’s job. They’re on chat. It comes down to you guys. I know you all check the site, and I know you’ll all read this. Maybe you should drop in a comment to prove you’re alive.

Change this, to look like this:

Okay, Maybe not that many people *wary*, but maybe like at least 15 users 😛

. Take initiative, make the change.


8 Responses

  1. You shoul look at uk event times to get th whole picture

  2. Sorry Kevin but whenever I go on chat(which maybe be night for u all)it is always dead.like even I person is not there.So I can’t do anything so I leave the chat.

  3. Well Kevin, I am AUSIA/UK so it’s obvious that we can’t meet often on chat. I’m always active on chat between 9AM-17PM EST (except if I have any lessons). Also, yesterday, if the pic’s correct, had you had gotten online half an hour earlier, you’d see me.

  4. What would we do on chat?

    • Chat with others, welcome new recruits..even being on chat or saying anything so a message from you can be seen, will tell us, the owners, that you’re active.

  5. Sorry Kevin I have formals and i’m struggling with maths & history.I’m in higher maths so I have to study especially since my teacher is as useful as a ashtray on a motorbike same with History. My other subjects eg English, Science, French I want to get an A in. Others such as Business, Irish are ok but, I still need to study. I will be active after this period. It’s pressuring especially when you have friends who get all A’s.

  6. I come on chat all the time. I just don’t stay very long because the main chat topic is usually about something I can’t relate to or a topic I don’t want to get involved with.

  7. I guess it would be nice to have a fuller chat, though personally I don’t mind if the chat is dead at any time other than event times.

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