Weekly Poll #4 – Super Duper

Hola Nachos, I bring news! I bring with me the results of last weeks poll! As well as a brand new poll that I particularly am excited to see the results of! This weeks poll can be see right under here! Last weeks results are right below the poll!

Now as a follow up to last weeks question regarding your favorite Superhero…

Which superpower would you want if you were a Superhero?


Who is your favorite Superhero?

Total Votes – 82

Other – 24.39%

[Other votes Including: Black Panther (2), Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Flash Gordon, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Hit Girl, Luke from Star Wars, The Flash and Pyrrha Nikos]

Deadpool – 21.95%

Batman – 9.76%

Spiderman – 9.76%

Captain America – 8.54%

Iron Man – 8.54%

The Hulk – 6.1%

Superman – 4.88%

Thor – 3.66%

Wolverine – 2.44%


Spread the word to keep voting every week! Let’s break 100+ voters this poll! 😀

2 Responses

  1. I chose flying because it would be very fun. I have always wanted to fly.

  2. Deadpool is the best

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