Quick Updates

Hola Nachos!
Here are some quick updates:

1) The active count has ended. Anyone who did not comment was removed from the ranks (except privates, or troops I have seen recently).

2) June 1st is coming up in a few days, which means the chance to win these rare penguins is almost up. So far only one has been given out, as we never reached 25 Nachos at a battle in May. Also part of that game was that the two troops who attend the most events during this month will each receive any 1 penguin of their choice. The first spot is pretty much solidified, however that second place is up for grabs. A good 4-5 people have a shot of winning, so take advantage and come to these last few events before June 1st! Promos will also be out at the end of the month.

3) As for the next tournament, Sled Racing won by a landslide. Another post will be out soon to sign up!

4 Responses

  1. Ok. I am going to practice sled racing soon.

  2. Who will be the next Sled Champ?Lego? Let’s all practice and Defeat the ccurrent Champ.

    Good Luck to all Nachos /NachoZ

  3. sled racing 😀
    fun fair and balanced perfect

  4. Some of you might not seen me recently but I am active. First I am good at sled racing second I am sure I will probably win one of those penguins.

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