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Sled Racing Tournament Troubleshooting

Hola Nachos,

After thinking about it for some time, I haven’t been able to come up with a good way to run this tournament. For the Card-Jitsu tournament, we made it bracket style. But that system had some flaws in it, as many of the people who signed up did not end up coming, and I had to replace them with other people on the spot. It ended up working out because all of the matches in that game are 1v1, so all I needed to do was fill in 16 spots. For this tournament I don’t think it makes sense to have you sign up and prepare a bracket beforehand, but instead we’ll schedule a date and time and whoever shows up on that day will participate.

Of course we could just pick a day for the tournament and treat it like a Game-Day, where anyone can race whoever they want on any track. But then it won’t really operate like a tournament. There will be a lack of competition and inability to have a clear winner, which means there can be no prize for winning, in comparison to a bracket-style tournament where a clear winner can be declared. I’m having trouble finding a way to run the tournament that will maintain the feel of a tournament but also not be too complex and slow pace. Another problem with the Card-Jitsu tournament was that people were waiting on others to finish their matches so they could play the next round, which slowed down the pace.

So a bracket doesn’t seem to make sense for this tournament. Another idea I thought of was to have a set number of races and count total wins. For example I could tell everyone to go and do 5 races, doesn’t matter who they race, they just have to participate in 5 races. Then they would keep track of how many they won or lost, and the people with the most wins would race each other. The problem is that it’s relying too much on everyone to keep track of all the races. It is likely people will get confused, lose track, say they won more races, etc… In any race track, 1st place receives 20 coins, 2nd and 3rd place receive 10 coins, and 4th place receives 5 coins. Not everyone will know this, and may be confused as to what place they finish in.

Also needing to be addressed is the fact that there are 4 Sled Racing tracks, two 2-player tracks, one 3-player track, and one 4-player track. That’s another reason it would be hard to make a bracket, as 3 or 4 people could race against each other, not just 1v1. Another idea is for there to be a champion of each track. If this was the case it could be a lot easier to determine a winner. Let’s say I only did the 4-player race and managed to come in 1st place every time, I would be the champion of that track. But I’m sure people won’t want to race on the same track each time.

So it’s back to square 1. People could just challenge each other on chat, that’s usually what’s done in a Game Day. I was trying to think of a way to pit everyone against each other until one person emerges as the champion, the way a bracket does, but I don’t think it can happen without being too complex and slow-pace to the point where it becomes boring. So in conclusion I think this tournament should just be a Game-Day in the sense that there is no structure in conducting the races, and you can decide amongst yourselves who is the Sled Racing Champion.

Let me know what you think.

I think Lego has some ideas, he we will probably run it.

Yeesh that’s a lot of words over Sled Racing. Wary

4 Responses

  1. Wow, that is very long for just sled racing. Now I will read it…

  2. A sled racing tournament could get quite complicating so a game day might be good. Maybe a tournament could be for a different game.

  3. https://stone523cp.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/wary.png?w=20&h=20

    If you don’t know what that (^^^) is (if you only see words) it is the image at the end of the article. I’m fine with a Game Day style event, which would be nice.

  4. A nice idea at the end!!!

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