Penguin Giveaway Now Over

REMINDER: Sled Racing Tournament is this Saturday, June 4th. AUSIA events also will be added for the weekend. Check the Battles for the Week post.

Hola Nachos!

It is now June 1st, which means the penguin giveaway opportunity I introduced a month ago is now over. As promised, the two troops who attended the most events during the month of May would each be rewarded with a penguin. Continue reading for the results!

1ST PLACE: The troop who attended the most events in May out of everyone in the ENTIRE ARMY (other than me–we actually tied) was…….


You have the first pick to any of these 7 penguins!

2ND PLACE: Tie between Legofan Cy and Blueysib6 [21 EVENTS]. You each get a penguin as well!

Private Chat (PC) Stone523 on chat to receive your penguins. Lego and Blueysib cannot receive a penguin until Jammi Dodger picks his first.

Silva[P183610498] – 19 events
Guitar48300 – 18 events
Conno11 – 18 events

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
Nacho Army Leader

Yes, I did keep track of how many events each person attended.

3 Responses

  1. B)

  2. I am quite shocked that I was tied 2nd place. I didn’t think that I had gone to enough events! Although, I just tried to get on the penguin that I got and it is banned forever…

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