Message to mods

Dear mods!

You are all demoted to member for the week. You must earn back your mod.I’m tired of our mods not going on chat, FYI even if theirs no event you’re expected to be on chat as mods regardless.You guys brought this on yourselves.


Our chat at ^ at 8 est on a FRIDAY!

7 Responses

  1. You spelled “there’s” incorrectly. What a retard.

    • i dont know who the fuck you are but dont you dare fucking impersonate

      • cause i will ban u this is not a threat its a promise

      • It was Plungerita

  2. I was on chat the whole day yesterday!u can ask camper and mate.Nether less I will be there more.

  3. I went to the chat yesterday in like 3:43 est…
    As i said i couldn’t come in 8:00 est, because i am in UK…

  4. Well, I am still mod. I shouldn’t have said that…

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