Weekly Poll #5 – Summer Approacheth!

Hola Nachos!

Summer vacation is approaching for most troops and some have already begun for others! Vote on this weeks poll below so we can find out just how many people’s breaks have begun!

When does YOUR SUMMER BREAK begin!?!?!?


Which superpower would you want if you were a superhero?

Total Votes – 50

Winner: Invisibility

Invisibility [yeah you know why you want it boi] ;3 – 28%

Persuasion [Mind control – power to make someone do any command] – 20%

Other: Time Control, Teleportation, Time Travel – 16%

Flying – 8%

Super Speed – 8%

Intangibility [The ability to walk through solid objects] – 6%

Telepathy – 6%

Superhuman Intelligence – 4%

Super Strength – 4%

Force Field – 0%

Elasticity – 0%

Spread the word to keep voting every week! 😀

2 Responses

  1. nice

  2. I think that it starts in July.

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