Aunt Arctic Strikes Again

Hola Nachos,

Today our UK Division logged on to Blizzard for our scheduled recruiting session, however it was immediately abandoned once Aunt Arctic ordered her guards to start banning all of our troops. It happened in the first 2 minutes. The things we said were “Turn red and dance”, “Join us”, and “Be a Nacho.” We didn’t yet say the name of the Army, but I guess that was enough to incite a banning spree. AR then offered to do a soccer match to cheer us up, so that’s what we did the rest of the time. After over a week of helping a new recruit in the comments whose chat wasn’t working, that troop (Bonnie313) was finally able to get it to work today, only to log on and get banned. I hate it when troops get banned at our events. I feel guilty in some way, idk it just sucks. I think we should stop doing recruiting sessions entirely, leave it to bots. Aunt Arctic’s reign of tyranny lives on.

4 Responses

  1. Made It. Also Down with Aunt Acrtic

  2. It’s wasn’t your fault Stone, it was Club Penguin. It just helped me to learn that you should use alt accounts.

  3. I came to it! I was on my non-main account… which got banned and I used a new non-main account. It was ridiculous. We got banned for telling “personal information” when no one said any personal information at all. There could have just been random people who don’t even know that we are an army who joined it saying what we were and could have been banned and that would not be fair at all.

    We could still do recruiting but everyone would not use their main account.

  4. glad this happened

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