#Lol Phrase day[UK ]

Hola Nachos!

On the 2nd Fang-tastic Uk Event we had a Phrase lead event. We maxed 21 Nachos. Let’s keep the 20+ Streak up. Read on for pictures.

11 Responses

  1. Wait to keep it consistent! Keep..it..up!

    • You literally commented 1 minute after this was published, which means you were online. WHY TF DIDN’T YOU ATTEND? 😡

      • Checked the site coincidentally.

        • Ah gg.

    • Way to*

  2. Awesome event, I was there [Pikachu412]

  3. I came to it! I did the “EVERYONE WILL TURN INTO CHAIRS” phrase and everyone did it really well. It was a good event but there was a lot of waiting.

  4. I was there
    And I’ve got the feeling that nachos will reach the 1st position in cpac top ten

    • ikr

    • Sht, NW will be 1st. We will be 2nd or 3rd..

      • Ik bt still we can hope someday we will be 1st

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