An Afternoon Fiesta on Breeze [ACP Battle Results]

Oh mai gosh Nachos!

We’ve had an absolutely epic start to our summer so far! We had a Practice Battle vs. ACP today and had quiet the Fiesta! 😀 We maxed 27 penguins while averaging 18-24 throughout the battle!

 This is gonna be an amazing summer for us Nachos!


9da09c9e776b4f0cbc7f7fe4b7edd8fc05f12015eb9441adb7cf81af4a4607df1c52b74f2ce14d328c760232c424a1a9669ce73f9339492d8b2949254c623832 73804369c6fc47e2b453ce4406a8df589789b1cdbc4f4883b256776c39431c7c8a488b9a0ae14760bd118b56a681965d


Leave a comment if you attended! 😀

3cWiysp - Imgur

Camper – Nacho General

<><><> ‘Nacho Pride Server Wide’ <><><>

12 Responses


  2. I was there 🙂
    Cool event
    Gg nachos

  3. It’s the beginning of the Summer Fiesta! 😀

  4. I came I’m on the bottom of the second chat room picture

    btw, from now on don’t call me yellowpen3. call me yp3.


  6. I came!

  7. I sadly couldn’t come to it. Sorry.

  8. Made it. 3 in a row for UK. Keep it up!

  9. Made it. 20+ MAX 3 in a row. Keep it up

  10. I was there 😀

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