RECAP FOR THE WEEK [14/6/16 – 18/6/16]

Here are details of the events the Nachos had from June 14th (Tuesday) – June 18 (Saturday).

This is mainly for the use of any Club Penguin news sites but feel free to take a look Nachos!

UK & US Comeback Event:[Tuesday] [Maxed 27]

UK Lol Phrase Day: [Wednesday] [Maxed 21]

US Training: [Wednesday] [Maxed 17]


UK PB with ACP: [Thursday] [Maxed 27]


US Phrase Day: [Thursday] [Maxed 8]

UK Mining Expedition: [Friday] [Maxed 25+]

US & UK Raid on ACP & AR: [Saturday] [Maxed 25+]

5 Responses

  1. IMO Brilliant week. Keep it up

  2. This week was really good!

  3. I was there in all UK events :p
    BTW amazing week 😀
    Gg to all nachos

  4. awesome week ^-^

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