Don’t read this.


I, Kevin truely didn’t want to cut ties with AR until I saw this little faggot named Wheelo. Excuse my french, but that’s the only term that came to mind. I’m no villain. I did what Camp and Dan asked me to do. I made the post because I thought I had held the best relationship with AR and their former leaders and I thought it be best if I explained why the Nachos chose to sever ties.

I did lead one of your events because of the sacred bond held between the Army Republic and Nachos. Ace and Flame told me I was a great battle leader, and they asked me to lead an event (I believe the semi-finals) of Christmas Chaos. I led the event, and it ended in a narrow defeat. The goal was to get AR and the Nachos in the finals so it would be an epic and friendly competition type of event between the two powers. I didn’t say anything about you guys performing poorly, but Ace and Flame asked me to help out. That’s the type of relationship I had with them. Ace and Flame were owners on my chat during tournament events and I was an owner on theirs. Wheelo, you’re too uninformed and too stupid to aquire any background information before attacking me. Ace and Flame wouldn’t deny it either.

I didn’t say we didn’t need AR, it’s not my army. Camp and Dan didn’t like your crappy attitude, and they were pretty offended by your claims about the script, your credit of the march madness victory, and your attacking on our sizes. Dude, Armies won’t want you if you’re gonna do that… You could’ve taken screenshots.

I acknowledged that the “past leaders” would probably call you a complete baffoon for doing what you’re doing. I’m not trying to ruin dick dude, I’m just telling you what’s gonna happen. I didn’t attack anything about you in AR. They hadn’t planned to go seperate ways for months, and my goal wasn’t to shatter this alliance.

Dude, I helped build this alliance. Why would I destroy somethin’ I helped build. I have no hatred for AR Wheelo, just you. Make me the villain. I’m not. Dig a deeper hole, but I suggest it wise for you to shut your god damn mouth.


3 Responses

  1. “Pretty offended by your claims of the script”.
    Dude its club penguin lmfao get real.

  2. P.S. PC me on Xat if you want to discuss this further, instead of taking up storage on Nachos site lmfao

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