Weekly Poll #7 – Yarr

Hola Nachos!

Weekly polls will continue to be posted on site every weekend and will be on the sidebar all week incase you missed it! So check site daily for posts everyone! Directly below is the new poll with a very interesting question to answer! Further below are the huge results to the last poll, so read on!

This Weeks Poll: Who is your favorite Club Penguin mascot?


If you could choose to be born in any era, which would you choose?

Winner: Current Time

Total Votes – 200

Current Time – 84 votes[42%]

90’s – 29 votes[14.5%]

80’s – 19 votes[9.5%]

19th Century – 18 votes[9%]

60’s – 14 votes[7%]

70’s – 12 votes[6%]

50’s – 8 votes[4%]

40’s – 8 votes[4%]

20’s-30’s – 5 votes[2.5%]

1900’s-10’s – 3 votes[1.5%


Seems like most people are happy living now with 90’s taking second and the 80’s taking third!

Spread the word to keep voting every week! 😀


3 Responses

  1. Which is the worst : aunt arctic lol

  2. currnet time

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