Igloo Fiestas! w/ Nightclub [Igloo Raid Results]

This Igloo was PRETTY SWELL! :O We raided about 3 or 4 Igloos (I cant remember) all with interesting occupants and decor. (myes myes) As well as ending off this Igloo Raid with a Fiesta in the Night Club! Today the Nachos maxed 20 penguins throughout the raid! Well done Nachos!


72813c9bbbd8443d83aeee4f829ea4c976247bb2a9d74387849e5cf83a99d208ba9142de10b341509a1a9a54f386397b b3153804e97b48dfb71b695cb9ed4561 1f7e25dd4f3f479689d5156ec823a129





3cWiysp - Imgur

Camper – Nacho Generalissimo 

~Fiesta On!~

10 Responses

  1. We’re aiming for 25+ this weekend! We need all Nachos to come together! 😀

  2. I came 🙂

  3. First battle since around May, but even though I had to leave early (sisters am i right) I still had a ton of fun!! Lets keep this streak up!!!

  4. I came to it!

  5. i WAS THERE

  6. I was there

  7. u didny use my command 😡

  8. I was there in the starting bt had to go in between 😦

  9. Lmao I see me

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