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    Welcome to the Nachos! We were one of the most powerful and legendary armies in all of Club Penguin. Known for our fun and enjoyable atmosphere, we're always having a good time! Due to Club Penguin shutting down, the army is mostly inactive. However, our older members tend to keep in touch using discord. You can join using the following link.
    ~Nacho Leaders

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June 2016 Promotions

Black = non-mover
Strikethrough = removed from ranks (all remaining Enlists with join comments before May 1, 2016 were removed).

*If you feel you should have received a promotion but did not get one, comment on this post. [Remember this reflects your activeness for the month of June 2016].


 General of the Army » Camperjohn64, Cowboydan101, Stone523

 General » Legofan Cy, Agent233, Conno11

 Lieutenant General » Jammi Dodger, 95 Spider[Away], Casillas2159, Poseidon112

 Brigadier General » Hazie65673[Away], Guitar48300[Dry Bowzer6t], Beauty74642[Wh44], Fluffy 9404, Celtic Daft

 Colonel » Katniss33335, Centaur 17, Blueysib6[Ohcan1234], Rakejen*,  Mightypaw*, Benag

 Major » Cooltj4, Pjayo*, Redboxy1

 Captain » Epickitty271, Saltinee123*

 1st Lieutenant » Apple6683, Bosss3,

 2nd Lieutenant » Sava346

 Master Sergeant » Datdudebp, Lolo1310, Yellowpen3, Nylam123, Libra29emy*, Thelaith, Barney5

 Sergeant » Lop2009*, Yehaw*

 Corporal » Pakusch112, J0006, The Nacho10, Montie12, Silva[P183610498]*

 Lance Corporal » Play58623, Foosa5*, Penguin10468*

 Private First Class » Madison77780, Justiejulie, Alex10189, Greatoz05, J J S, Sara78520, Sceptile94, Mycome, Alexfish10, M I S T, Sushi22337*, Archangel25*, Clubroyalty*, Plungerita*, Zoroark1089*, Snowyelf094*, Pinky89756, Spa Girl 1, Cool Boy 109, Sofia50484, Mario2532, 1dino2, Kitkat320, Harpist, Nevan01, Noobcats

 Private » Toyabear, Itsgold, Squishy Lord, Zacdenby477, Mitrev, Max Conner, Thegamercat, Unipenguin25, Atshadow, Sansrulz, Scooter 3092, Goblin Jack, Blairbear64, Spacemonkey5, Crashlb8, Manaia47, Krox75, Spot141pet, Fredross, Tundrasplash, Snoopysquid,  Buddybogp, Evan317, Swimmer130, Chloe4310

 Enlist » Xeron1, Buckwildah, Reflex5, Mr Rocker1, Astr0naut1, Tornadobust3, Saintwalker3, Barbie2164, Conor1234, Pranav210, 25kashyap, Coolman88611, Tvnoop, Miss Purpy1, Mellonpie94, Lily 112, Moomoomouse, Ella 113, Supersam1200, Catdog989, Tina0201, Princeslily, Guessitbro, Black2080, Armyguy000, Laugh4444, Moto Moto244, Stacking, Hollystar114, Messijr13528, Cuttbrack, Kiran366, This4youtube, Henry13121, Mosesman535, Santa Rose, Midgetpeng6, Yolecake1, Nareyclan101, Musiclives1, Johndafire, Kawan4, Anjelena, Pingugirl21, Nachoman81, Ash2099, Aviral 15, George15089, Teequo, Coolgood55, Wardle123100, Myth O Cloud, Goodday099, Fahad1500, Dassitelta, George15089, Mango05, Lii Mayo, 1v1meskrebs, Ma Prava, Orangecake06, Pro Master4, Lily12950, Kenbalba, Calih, Betty4040, Tumtitum, Nishki19, Cutiegal007, Daffdaff, Boz Noz, Lemonbeme, Riki1769, Envxkobsta, Ga5th3j3w5, Casian6, Ghalun1, Karinux2005, Black2080, Blinkingyou, Isislol2, Nossleinad1, Dbulldog3, Geo Pinguinu, Marko99100, Asbjoern[P329602019], Gardevoircz, Sammypengu2n, Vurikki, Garvinator1, Leena0709, Benjameanie, Fulcamp, Swimduckgirl, jorjulius, Bluemoo, Man876, Jihan1234, Iceguy3, Cherry12384, Maxx1965, Undertale291, Felipe42301, Monstercat1, Vikstar2, Toybee, Poke Mon 7, Mikelobby124, Pinkicicle3, Redjack10, Jr1268, Alimurat07, Sillybelly5, Lon91, Super Bird75, Poopyboy2001, Phoenix456, Simplecub, Bonnie313, Alien 908, Costumeparty, Morgan605, Pinkboy355, Ranger Roo, Dude 547, Oinkoink123, Pluffy2003, Spicymel, Mr Pengi3, Puddyj, Twinkiecoco, Popdell, Crazymasterz, Thatjuanguy4, Enderghost68, Glowingreen, Lovedose3, Mr Awsome858, Lamarajlover, Wumbo6, Fishes21, Chatita3, Chociloci, Jeryes123, Vinnguin, Apple1000, Kittypuppy13, Iceyice221, Pinky78675, Baconbrawler, Lucky31377, The Champ4, Hoohoo10, Evie266, Purprincess, Alyse2005, Trulydru, Rosefly, Redboss1248, Masonbilliot, Essy4, Oreo Cream2, 12wildmonkey, Redhopper936, Partytaco1, Musketeer212, Memessssddsa, Deny102, Revanknight, Nacho Taco, Sarah 1114, Kenared7, Sydney3295, Zackalpha, Kaydin2006, Mrcy1, Massielpink, Machomanno, Aggang, Jenna0168, Fatboy Leo, Icecreamfre, Nebula404, Jackboxgames, Undyne1819, Phia, Helen62524, Darkdecoy, Tle1212, Johnnydep2, Tt17399, Nerdyprinces, Darksider102, Lol 1738, Powerspuffwi, Mushroom164, Stampy5783, 4allie, Newsabutaer, Emit2348, Skeleton337, Kiwipiegirl, Nestealover, Kingstar00, A Jar1, Kitty Noevil, Ironman1311, Mlg Skills, Bossarmy2324, Mattdaking, Abigail52251, Jadon123, Tatbluepengi[P329648631], Rayo Mcquuen, Gusion, KitKat09, Swager10111, Yoyoyyo, Marijuli101, Wumbo6, Marioisred, M3rk961, Koley2, Leeroyj, Captinking1, Hotpocket80, Meliae123, Akjb, Phil2331, Greenieabc, Mlgtylergd, Lexiluvly, Tresly1224, Roxyshadows, Bobseinor2, Tobyjr235, Jayden25134, Cougarfan123, Ollie106, Bubby0624, Beastboy2110, Soulcookie525, Puppydog5123, Rellybetch, Mcmikey12779, Shimota8, Lolwaffles65, James6777, Jchiro9700, Stormer2024, Loppl, Puppyling, Nataleealan, Jazzifide, Laiba135, Big Foot790, Verzion, Fantacygirl1, Iceruler1, 14 Sprinkles, Zacvien, Em 0505, Mightypengy, Shaqwanda X, G0002, Astroboy46, Vishal72002, Kentaloysius, Sadsongs54, Girlyfungirl, Dadda39, Tattooman101, Danny8540, Waterflame8, Ekaansh2, Clash13, Izzypudato, Jessepizza, S573, Samoanhulk4, Crazyava2006, Cat Master21, Qiqilol, Tabouli, Messi 90876, Tamara8734, Penguihero, Lilpug, Choo Choo478, Cgb135, Vitt123, Ikendo Ii, Fanged, Redrubeydark, Tourister 2, Dashgir22, Doc Luke, Tobyfive, Jinx4452, Sarete, Kindolly1, Curroguino, Lollypop9537, Pengwaann, Shakira944, Mod Install, Wildrosey, Emeraldemily, Oneofyou, Cpsworld, Rochkopper, Gump901, Friendly 4, Poppy Cogan, Thedragon35, Aymenix, Leamonhead12, Supercrusher, Nteyhn, Tealy14, Flufyball, Nac102, Banx 19, Piratezaya, Cheezysqueez, Tropicana137, Yin193, Shivi3, Dogluverjj, Antech, Supergavin9, Crazy Stoop, Greenball909, Coolnerdthe4, Puppyblaster8, Jordin45, Dudeman84, Tommybied, Benben200, Llvanessall1, Ailie7, Anu1236, Dracofire8, Eengray, Miner49er Sf, Xandur1, Deqlin, Ohh Trxp, Powmatt, Rosemaryf, Bobby72467, Dorris16162, Darthlaina, Megster283, Domino27, Unicorn74, Gearx302, Coolcat10002, Cain123, Tilung43, Kiriyui, Malofficial, Pigu1318, Conflicto1, Ultra Max1, R8dr805, Hammadpengu, Gumball306, Averymay, Issiemme1, Rufus436, HG 40, Tacotommy621, Pearlyninja, Savannah5733, Lizead, Redninjas8, Purrfectcat3, Bebebemybff, Scotty9100, Speedsonic06, Angelpieyt, Bella Foster, Lil Billy3, No Name Guy4, Thepengupick, Yolohi, Xenogensisfr, Kelcey31, Oceanwaves8, Stripenight, Lava Springs, Ranger161, Lovefuzy, Utooo25, Limeegreen, Thecuckinato, Dylicouspeng, Mimi 5321, Pinky Pop 5, Poptart61, Moody233, Amppyles, Shadow Scar, Dally497, Bunnytiger2, Larkani1108, Robo826, Mattyxz1, Ballerinav5, Bluebubblejk, Puppylove558, Mrbooger1, Roach, Roughh, Majesticpen1, Panises, Sarah Awesom, Stevenzhuang, Zombie659, Kittyluv1236, Minimilo2, Guppy2425, Carlie Kid

12 Responses

  1. Yay! I got a double promotion.

  2. Thanks for the promotion (:

  3. Nice touch on adding my spare to my name. Haven’t seen Dry bowzer on the ranks since 2009

  4. Yay I got a promotion! 🙂

  5. I jut stayed where I was. Fair. I am back though 😀

  6. Homeboy celtic gets promoted. onto the next month

  7. double promotion! unexpected, but awesome!

  8. Non mover.fair enough.will come to all Audia battles now….!!

  9. Stone, these promotions are messed up. You demoted people who shouldn’t be and you didn’t demote those who should..

    • As far as I know, I’m the only person that keeps track of who attends each event. I compile all the data in a document, and put the names in order of most events attended to least events attended. The troops who attended the most events got double promotions. Those in the middle got single promotions. And those who attended 0-1 events got demoted. Enlists who attended 1 event or commented on the active count were promoted to private. Enlists and privates who attended 2+ events were promoted to private first class. I’d screenshot the numbers if I didn’t delete it. No one has complained about their rank. I know what I’m doing.

      Also, Camper edited the promos and may have moved things around. This is what I originally did, and what I think is most accurate. http://prntscr.com/bodvzu

  10. I cant belive that I got a promotion. Thanks a lot guys! 🙂 I am so happy right now!

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