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(AUSIA soldiers ONLY)

This is a Warning

Hey guys. As most of you may know, I scheduled three AUSIA events last week, one on Wednesday, one on Thursday, and one on Friday. Not a singe AUSIA troop came on chat during all three events. This is unacceptable. We have 58 bloody AUSIA soldiers, yet we cannot max 2 troops on cp. In order to fix this problem, I’m going to do an active count. THOSE WHO DON’T COMMENT WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE RANKS. Again, AUSIA ONLY MAY COMMENT.

What’s your club Penguin Username?

What Rank are you?

In a scale of 1-10, how active are you?

Do you promise to be active from now on and attend events?


Legofan Cy~Nachos General and AUSIA Leader

16 Responses

  1. Example Comment:

    What’s your club Penguin Username? Legofan Cy
    What Rank are you? General
    In a scale of 1-10, how active are you? 8.5
    Do you promise to be active from now on and attend events? Yes, of course!

  2. Aaaaw man I feel so bad fr u
    BTW we had 4 on chat fr the 2nd ausia event (wary)

  3. Katniss33335
    Sure thing!!But Lego I was saying that I came on the Friday event at 6:35 Ist and no one was there.

    • I was on during the event. I left some minutes after it was supposed to end..

      • oh…IDK how it happened..my not was not working well enough so it couldn’t open cp ut it open nachos for a few mins after a hour of trying and then when I came there was one troop online who I tried to talk but did not answer and the tag line below chat was that LEgo will be offline till sunday or something…idk?maybee I arrived after u left or something..
        whatever it is I promise to attend all the battles as I can! 🙂

  4. what is your cp username? Alex10123
    what rank r u? private first class
    on a scale of one to ten how active r u? 8

    • Are you AUSIA? No. I said ONLY AUSIA may comment. (ono) Though you can attend AUSIA events if you’re able to 😀

  5. my cp is actually Alex10189

  6. Poseidon112
    7(during ausia times)
    I can try to attend (only during summer)

  7. What’s your club Penguin Username?

    What Rank are you?
    In a scale of 1-10, how active are you?
    Do you promise to be active from now on and attend events?

  8. your welcome. thanks for promoting me by the way.

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