Successful Invasion of Mullet

Today our UK/US event was an Invasion to conquer the server Mullet! We maxed 13 troops and successfully captured Mullet! 10/10 tactics as well Nachos! Everyone continue to recruit so we can max higher numbers even for simple event like this one. 🙂


Thank you to Fluffy, Poseidon112 and Datdudebp for pics


062ff659197a4c61a747e2eefeb06f2c ExCqXMs Z0M4UU6 2ff42ea991ee49199d20cc8a2497daf6 d4aaaec0aae744f4920a3e0bd5e3d034 e72d43ca193f4456bacb6dcd23f264a3 m7PPHJq vNqlnAUg 5wQNx3B 032d82d94f8b4e01b5ee61b7f23cbb8b u2aUcEpg



3cWiysp - Imgur

Camper – Nacho Generalissimo


4 Responses

  1. I came to it! Although, it was much too short.

  2. i was there 😀
    thnx fr taking my pics camp

  3. Camper, will you unban me or…….. UNBAN GOD DAMMIT IDIOT

  4. good job!my net is working again!!lego….plz organize some AUSIA events…!sorry about your banning… :p

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