Guess Who?

No sorry, this isn’t a new game we’ll be playing on the site- though that does give me an idea. Instead, unfortunately for you, this post marks when I have re-entered the fray for the thousandth time – despite the fact that I have retired “permanently” twice in the last 3-4 years. Yes, you have to put up with Chrisi Blule, AGAIN. Poor you. Don’t you worry though; I’m only a 2nd in command!

The reason for my most recent join comment was fairly simple, I am currently only half way through my summer holidays and I am already dying of boredom. The Nachos are a great way of relieving this boredom. As I explained in my last post, “The Issue of Growing Old and Stuff“, I still enjoy the Nachos. This army will always remain as a sort of internet family for me.

Over what will probably be the next couple of months I hope to be able to work with our leaders, and perhaps impart some advice and wisdom with them. Though, let’s be honest, they’re all fairly capable ‘fellas anyway, so I mightn’t need to. My main goal is to be the best owner I can be, and to give my fullest effort to ensure that is army can continue our path to dominance again.

Together I am sure that we can easily achieve this goal; to yet again become unquestionably the greatest army in the community. We need every one of you behind us and together we will succeed.

~Chrisi Blule

And for your entertainment, the first piece of army graphics I ever made from back in 2008…

Wasn’t I brilliant with MS Paint?


3 Responses

  1. top tier graphics 10/10 ign XD

  2. Paint…. God, I haven’t used Paint since 2011.

    • Mate have you used the newer version of MS Paint yet? It’s brilliant, you get different brush types and stuff!!

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