An event for an unkown division, called AUSIA. Who the heck is in this division? #100thpost

My 100th post on site!!!?!?!!

Hola Nachos! Today, the US AUSIA Force logged onto Fjord to have an unscheduled training session; or just to have an event :/ . We maxed and averaged 6, with 5 being US, and 1, me, being AUSIA. This is unacceptable, guys; you can’t be in a division and attend other division’s events only(I’m talking about some who are AUSIA and attend UK events 😉 ). Anyway, the event didn’t start really well, both on chat and cp, but in the end, we had some pretty good tactics. Thanks to everyone who attended and those few who logged on on their own will 🙂 . Remember to attend the tonight’s battle!

Note to AUSIA Troops: The promotions are coming soon, but demotions are coming too. So I don’t care what’chu’gonna do, attend events for your own good. ~ Legofan Cy

Continue reading for more pics

A picture of cp under Invisible Name Glitch!


Legofan Cy~Nachos General

4 Responses

  1. Nice job -US- Ausia troops!

    P.S.: Congratulations Lego for the 100th post 😀

  2. How do we know bout events??
    PS-Congo Lego!!!

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