Find the weird!

Hey, Nachos! Yesterday at the battle, I saw something very weird, a glitch, and I immediately thought of doing this post. Basically, this may be a new series, but I’m not sure yet; we’ll see. Anyway, for now, the first person to comment the weird thing wins the prize of “??????”. Good luck!


Legofan Cy~Nachos General

6 Responses

  1. Oh, oh, I know what it is! Everyone is piling except lego who is E+T Bombing! Or….because the football ball isn’t visible! pls pls let me win!!111!!1!!!1!

  2. wait is it fluffy’s head being half in the fence 0.o


  4. fluffy’s head is missing lmao wtf

  5. wheres my question marks for getting ti right first

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