Back to the drawing board

Hey, Nachos..

Today we logged onto Klondike for the semi-finals of the Legends Cup. Basically, we dominated the first room change at the mineshack. We got into our X formation and did well with it. In a very shitty way, 5 minutes into the battle, there was a room change to the dojo. I ordered a + formation which wasn’t possible in the room. For the first part of the room, we dominated. A room change was about to be ordered, but WV was informed of it in a black market type of thing. After that, we had three more room changes that were completely terrible. The battle went to utter shit, and there was no declared winner. We were kinda cheated out of a victory. There is a rematch next weekend that as of now we’ve accepted.

Nachos, I understand you’re angry. But we can’t quit. Don’t you wanna fuck RPF in more ways than just this war? Don’t you want to beat them down in every way possible. The rematch is the key to that door. We have a week to think and to clear our heads. Pictures:

Promotions are coming, anyone who wants to add pics feel free.


****Nachos Leader****

Read on for more pictures:

5 Responses

  1. I came to this biased event 🙂

  2. Yo Kev this title is Beeky’s from an older post. Copy Cat.

  3. I came to it! I am very annoyed about this because I can’t even come to the rematch because I will be on holiday.

  4. Don’t wrry!we WILL win in the rematch!

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