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The Power of Will [White House/Aurora/Fjord/Sasquatch]

We won on White House with no show by RPF. They somehow believe its invalid even though we gave 24 notice. We only have 3 invasions today. So theres no reason it isnt invalid lmfao. Must be real hard for you to understand RPF ❤ Maxed 21. They claimed this shit wasn’t valid, but shit below will prove it was.

After that hurrah, we logged onto Aurora for an epic defense maxing out at 25+ soldiers. We successfully defended the server, and the Nacho Army was no where near tired. We proceeded to liberate our capital server, Fjord.  Fjord was an easy battle. RPF was tired, but the will of the Nacho Army kept us strong. We liberated Fjord, and moved onto re-invade Sasquatch. Our soldiers paraded through shooting any RPF stragglers they saw. Of course bots showed up to Sasquatch, where RPF wasn’t doing well. Some of the bots were even RPF oriented penguins. It further proves our theory that they raid when they don’t do well to get the battle called off. We held a consistent 25 at these battles.

Things I learned about these battles:

Know who your friends are, because WV completely abandoned us. 

Stone523 is a complete tank at leading. Going for like 2 hours straight leading our forces to destroy anything in the army’s path.

RPF stand no chance against the unbreakable will of the Nacho Army.





24 hour notice was given. sorry!



Rpf bot raiding:

Invasion of White House

8574ceb4054e4ca9b8cbf2d2c66e6072 ba60d51b524f4441ab585f00979cf0f4f206cc96379047e19de0f62cc87075bc fa58835c852948e48e8e1ae8b4a37366 2c579faf8f9b4adc8f271f3779d81005 8a05021f2b644eed8e37ea3675bef073 8182a2e019d64901b26664a1f9c7686d d2661bc3c474403eae24c03508a606d1 4a38f5f4ba5c4da7ac2bbbe7fdf72c5f 85528a88a5d04ad0a4a2cbaf9c910a56

Defence of Aurora

This battle was fought in 3 rooms, we completely dominated rpf at the Berg and Forts.

I guess this is rpf’s battle plan:

Invasion of Fjord

This battle was fought in the Town and at the Stadium, we were superior in both rooms. Welcome back Fjord!

Invasion of Sasquatch

To end the UK battles for the day, we invaded Sasquatch where rpf bot raided the event because they were losing, and want to make sure CPA won’t give us the server. This battle was fought in the Forts and the Box Dimension. We dominated rpf at the Forts, but the Box Dimension was bot raided heavily.


Great job today troops!

– Camperjohn64 + B Batman3 + Stone523

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  1. I came to all of them!

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