Comedy Guac: Battles With RPF

Okay can we just take a moment to appreciate this conversation. Just… just take this in for a moment. Take the mental illness in.

“Your formations suck”. At the battle today on Cream Soda. RPF literally stayed in the Forts and circle formation FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT. THEY DIDNT EVEN BOTHER MOVING. CAN WE JUST TAKE IN THIS STUPIDITY. This is the type of dumb you cant even make up, it is so genuine. It is beyond me as to what goes through these peoples minds.


Elm: Well we stayed in Forts for all 30 minutes, and the only formation we really sat in was a circle the whole time. But we did that one bomb so yeah, i’d say its pretty superior in tactics to the Nachos.

48e8561a1f6744b48d22272197717128Good counting just yeah great. Okay. Badboy Elm 2.0 Confirmed. Forget college these boys are looking at the need of grade school.

I hereby name RPF the official Hillary Clinton of CP Armies.

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