RPF is Afraid

Nachos! Our war with RPF has been avery interesting one! The Nachos have proven that we are the only army in this community who can grow a pair and fight a real war.

RPF has boasted that they are the superior army, that they can win! But take a look here!

“What else is new?” Well seeing as how you invade us when have Ausia troops and then make yourselves out to be the bigger army, thats pretty hilarious. Yes Nachos, RPF is continuously invading the Nachonnian Empire at Ausia times because they are too afraid of us to even have a fair fight. 


The past two days has rattled the RPF leadership and their fear has grown to unprecedented levels that they must resort to cowardly tactics such as this. Even now if you look at the scheduled battles map (picture below) you can see RPF is actually going to begin TWO invasions at Ausia times now.


RPF is afraid of the Nachos.

They’re resorting to cowardly moves because they know they cant even go 1 on 1 with us now. You cant say fight the good fight if you’re too scared to fight us in the first place RPF <3.

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  1. oh ye also i was the 6ic

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