Reconquista||Reclamation of Fjord, White House & Blizzard

Today, we began a Reconquista of the Nachonnian Empire. We took back three of our most important servers. Our Capital Fjord, Former Capital White House and the Nacho Birth Server Blizzard.

Now Nachonnia has truly returned to this war!


Conquest of White House

Online Max: 17

RPF: Showed up, put up little fight, smaller

Outcome: RPF Surrenders




Conquest of Our Capital – Fjord

Online Max: 17

RPF: No Show – Waited 5 Minutes

Outcome: Nacho Victory

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Conquest of Blizzard

Online Max: 12

RPF: No Show – Waited 5 Minutes

Outcome: Nacho Victory

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3 Responses

  1. In 2 hours RPF has lost at least 5 servers and possible 7 when AR’s results come in. Guatemala Victory.


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