Holding the line at White House

At 1:16 A.M, Stone523, B Batman III, and their cow Sairal stood in the near ruins of our former capital city White House. The server was nearly defenseless despite it being a level 5 server. The true armies of hell were nearly upon us. It was a calm before the storm in the town of White House. As the clock turned 1:24, brave special service soldiers of the Nacho Army logged onto to hold the thin line of the server. We had a whopping 10 units online, and the armies of hell had 3. The RPF owner ordered a full scale retreat. We held White House. We stopped RPF in their tracks. Pictures:


****Proud Nacho Leader****

Special thanks to Stone523, 123344a, Sairal, Shivertoe2, Datdudebp, 50cent524, Chip, Guitar, Edd64, and Cancerjohn64 for attending this glorious battle

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  1. Glad to have been a part of this

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