Invasion of Shiver/Invasion of Aurora [RESULTS]

Hola Nachos,

Today we invaded the historical Nachonnian city of Shiver from the rpf. The battle started at the Stadium and ended at the Forts. We tied rpf most of the battle but got the edge at the end to win the server. I think Shiver is a level 1 server as well. After invading Shiver we logged on to invade Aurora. This battle was fought entirely at the Iceberg. We got off to a slow start but got stronger towards the end of the battle. This was probably a tie, and if Aurora is level 1 we should get the server. Read on for pictures.

Invasion of Shiver

Invasion of Aurora


Lego Edit

Nachos, you may have encountered this many times on chat:

This must NOT happen. Not only the “3…..” messages etc go up and you won’t be able to easily see them, but you also flood the chat for no reason. The person that leads the battle will say after 3 the command again. No need for 69 more people to repeat it. Leading is taken care by the owners. No Mods and even some members are required to help lead in that way. Please stop doing it; thanks.

Also @Pengiz, I think you are too dumb to realize that we spread out because one person may sat closer to the other.

What is better, the 1st or 2nd?

That’s correct. The 2nd looks way better than the first one.

So Pengiz, the next time you see us spreading out, don’t say bull$hit, kid.

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