Meanwhile, RPF Slowly Collapses

Elmikey has pretty much stated RPF is going to lose in his most recent post.55f0ce6f78124b9fb9483778614933f6

As well as a rather sudden (and hilarious) Coup D’etat of Badboy and Taco.



Huge developments continuously take place in this war. The past two days have just been hilarious.
So the Doritos made treaties with Nachos/ACP/AR all in a futile attempt to save RPF. The RPF transfered their whole nation to the Doritos, in an attempt to save all their servers and end the war. But as usual, that is not going to happen.

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For each of these agreements, a majority of each leadership never agreed, all of these signing were between only 1 leader in a pc. None of these can fairly be called valid. So no RPF, you’re not getting out of losing your servers to us. 

We set out to conquer the entire RPF Empire, and that’s how it will end.


Camper – Nacho Leader

All Hail Nachonnia!

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  1. Score 20 for the Alliance.

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