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Retirement of Camperjohn64

I officially joined the Nachos in early 2010 (after spending tiny parts of 2009 ‘observing’) and I was in and out during all that time. I have had a lot of fun moments with people in this community. I’ve now reached a point where I can no longer stick around. NewCamp


I wish I could make a huge story about some amazing moments or achievements, but I have so many moments I really have enjoyed and I don’t think I really achieved many ‘praise worthy’ things. I’ve been a pain in the ass for a lot of people over the years. 

The only thing I’d have to say to the people who apparently hate me, is that I’ve stuck with the Nachos for a very long time. Showing undying loyalty and never turning my back on this army and those in it even when things were against me.


I’m not gonna make some huge list either naming individual people who I’ve been acquainted with. I just see no reason to and would probably forget a ton of people. I didn’t think I would even make this much of a post tbh but whatever, it’s my post might as well try to add something to be similar to others retirements lol.

Those who I like, you know who you are. 


I need to give priority to other things now and Club Penguin no longer can fit into that.

I hope Nachos stay well. I wont be on chat very much at all anymore. I have no intentions of ever returning.



Camperjohn Gfx

Camper – Nacho Leader


11 Responses

  1. Camp, as autistic as I think you are, you’re not a bad guy. I never trusted you and thought you never took shit seriously, but hanging out with you was pretty fun. You really stepped up this summer, and proved you were a good leader. It’s too bad you have to retire. You’re one of the most loyal Nachos, considering you didn’t leave after being couped. Thanks for everything, Cancerjohn64.

  2. The first thing I remember about you was you saying “I am Camper zi Nachonnia, 60th Emperor of the Holy Nachonnian Empire! SIEG HEIL TO ME!!!!!!!!” on chat every time you came on. But this summer I really enjoyed leading with you, you’re a great leader and loyal Nacho and we had a great summer, thanks for everything.

  3. Well Camp I am sad to see you go I really am. I will miss having conversations about well anything really lol. But you will be missed by more people than you think me included. Thank you for all your hard work in the Nachos and I hope to see you again my friend.

  4. I’ll miss you so much camper

  5. Camp, tbh u were one of the strong and bold leaders of the nachos. you never gave up… u worked pretty hard for all these years…….. now its time that u work hard in ur life………see ya camp. All the best in ur life ahead!!! 😀
    imma miss ya

  6. i thank you for paying me so kindly for the graphics, and i will miss you sending me hentai to put into your chat bg’s. good bye my favorite weeb

  7. I don’t know you very well, but you seem like a fun person to be around. I’m sorry to see you go.

  8. Ah Camper. You PC me asking for nudes in my mind your a complete pervert but you lead the army and I will miss you for that (NOT THE NUDES PART)

  9. (i dont usually write these things cause i almost always fuck them up but whatever).

    Camp ive known you for less than a year, your a great guy and when you say that your a bad leader your wrong. You are a great inspirational leader. Just from looking at your amount of past posts, I can see that your a very loyal Nacho. I and everyone else will miss you
    … I hope your put on the legends page.
    Goodbye Camp and good luck to you 🙂

  10. you were always such a good lead camper and the nachos will always miss you

  11. Thanks for all Camp. You were a great leader and a great person to me. When I joined the Nachos, you were the first person to welcome me, and you helped me a lot by resolving some doubts that I had. Thank you and have good luck in the life!

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