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Recruiting on Ice Berg ft. Rock523

Konichiwa, Nachos

Today we logged onto Ice Berg for a recruiting event. We started off in the Town and attracted a decent amount of attention with our sexy sombreros. We then made a diagonal line and continued to attract attention. Midway through the event, taking the advice of Verum/Emily, we made a pile in the middle and then waterfall’d power to the hat. It attracted quite a bit of attention. We moved to the Ice berg, and we tried the same thing. It was effective. We also got a visit from a mysterious penguin named Rock523, shockingly similar to Former Nacho Savage, Rapper and Leader Stone523. The identity of Rock523 has however not yet been confirmed. We maxed about 20. Pictures:

Good job, Nachos. Throughout these next few months going into Fall, we’re gonna be doing recruiting events often. You guys haven’t let me down, considering we’ve been getting 15+ at most of our events. I’m happy to say, things are going well *knock on wood*.

~We don’t march to the beat of the drums, we hear maracas!~


5 Responses

  1. I came to it! I am finally back from my holiday, barely alive from a lack of the Nacho Army.

  2. i wasnt online cause the lag was so bad, but i was doing orders in chat.

  3. i was there during the event

  4. Made it 🙂 Yay for Rock523

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