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Retirement of Stone523

I am retiring, which means it’s the last time you’ll be seeing this: \(º0º)/

Where to begin… I can’t believe I’ve been leading this army for almost 8 months. There are a couple reasons for why I’m retiring, one being that I’m entering my 2nd year of high school, and it would be better for me not to put so much time into CP right now. And two, I lost interest. I love the memories I have from the Nacho Army. I will talk about my time as a Nacho, but first I will discuss my time before CP Armies and how I discovered them.


Most people who join CP Armies enjoyed playing CP before discovering them. Believe it or not, I made Stone523 on January 27, 2007. My older brother used to play CP, and I wanted to do everything he did, so I guess that day he helped me make my penguin. I was really young, so I hardly remember anything from back then. But looking at my pins I can see that I played until around the end of 2007, and then stopped entirely until early 2009. Most of what I remember about old CP is from 2009, I really enjoyed the game. Based on my pins, I stopped playing around November 2009, which is probably when I got bored of the game. Because after that I did not log on to Club Penguin until 2014.

At the end March 2014 my younger cousin asked me to make him a Club Penguin account, so I did and watched him play around for a bit. I noticed how much different it looked than from what I remembered, there were new rooms and new games. And then I wondered if I could log into my old penguin from years ago. Idk how I remembered the username and password, but it worked! After a 4.5 year break I started playing CP again. I enjoyed exploring the Island, just like I had in 2009, and I basically wanted to become a more complete player. I think I have 286 stamps.

a5f057733619400bb64a64f34fbb292e.pngBecoming a Snow Ninja – June 2014

Fast-forward to the end of 2014. After playing CP for several months I was very acquainted with the game. One thing in particular that happened during 2014 was the rise of bots, both follow bots and bot recruiting. People have mixed reactions when they see follow bots for the first time, I thought they were cool. I really wanted to have my own bots, little did I know at the time how commonplace bots are in CP Armies, and that I’d end up having multiple bot scripts. And even more recently Cloud Penguin added bots to their program so now everyone and their mother can use follow bots.

9aeea8db97274753a1af9024538d446d.pngI happen to see Camelogical testing followbots – December 29, 2014 

But anyways back to 2014, I still hadn’t discovered armies despite seeing autotypers and bot recruiting going on. For the longest time I would see them and read the messages, but it never occurred to me to look up whatever they were talking about. I didn’t understand what they were doing, I tried to get them to break character either by copying or covering them.

07ac48af9aff41ad8dcfd5c1779c0e0f.png c66534e2174f40dcaa84c95ea169ebbc.png
A clueless Stone523 – Early January, 2015

My interest in bots actually helped me discover armies. At the time I had a CP friend, someone on my buddy list called Dark Ninga25, we were both fascinated with bots.


We ended up discovering armies around the same time in March 2015. I remember being in the Ski Village one day, and I saw a Nacho autotyper. Next to it I saw a real penguin wearing a Sombrero, and then it hit me that the Nacho Army was a real thing I could look up. That penguin was Edd64 [E Double D]. I found the website and clicked on the chat, and Edd greeted me. I told him I have the same hat he had on, and he told me to wear it. So I guess Edd recruited me. A day or two later, I attended my first battle, which was on March 23rd, 2015. That is the day I consider I joined Nachos, and CP Armies in general. I thought it was really cool, I even took a screenshot from that training session.


I was added to the ranks as a Private and officially started my career as a Nacho.


One thing you should know about me is that I was always in Nachos (and CP Armies in general) solely for my own enjoyment and to have fun. I enjoyed the process of being promoted and moving up the ranks, I liked coming to battles and different types of events. Even when I became a Leader, this was still the case; I was doing it primarily for my own joy. Obviously I had more responsibilities to take care of. But the Nachos were always more fun when more people are in it, so I was motivated to do my best to help the army rise. However, becoming a Nacho Legend was never something I was concerned about. I was never one of those people who obsessed over the Top 10, in fact I stopped checking the Top 10 a few months ago. For better or worse, that’s how I was. I only began to lose interest towards the end of June 2016, but the entirety of my time as a Nacho before that was something I put a lot into mainly because I enjoyed it.


So I joined the Nachos as a Private in March 2015, and I have never joined any other army, other than the Pretzels for a couple weeks in the summer of 2015 when Starz offered me 4ic straight up (I was a member rank in Nachos so being 1 rank below owner seemed cool at the time). But we went to war with the Pretzels, so I quit the Pretzels because that army was meaningless for me. Puckley, Edd, Dash, and Beeky were leading when I joined. I didn’t know at the time that they were all long time leaders/legends, and it was their last stretch before retiring for good. They were revered on chat by everyone else in the army, especially Puckley.

I was a pretty active member. I came to lots of battles, though I hardly spoke on chat or commented on the site. For about 5 months I moved up 1 rank each month, so in August I became a Master Sergeant (equivalent to a Major on the current ranks). Then at the end of August Puck, Edd, Dash, and Beeky all retired, and the new leaders (Kevin, Agent, Step) promoted the active members. So I jumped to the Mod ranks as I stayed active while many people starting leaving. I soon became friends with lots of people in the army, and my first friend in Nachos was Lego. The end of summer drop hit the army, and the leaders often stressed the need recruit to the current owners/mods. I saw this as an opportunity to get noticed by the leadership, and when I was asked to autotype I did so the next day I think for 6 or 8 hours, and I was promoted to Lieutenant General (3ic).


In September through October our size dropped to maxing about 10 at events. Recruiting was so important at that time, so that’s what I focused on most as an owner. I was added to the site by Agent and I made my first post on September 24th. – Fun fact, I have now made 211 posts on Nachos site, most being event recaps (and I’m not one of those people who makes a ton of drafts and never finishes them, I have 0 drafts and maybe 20 private posts). I was promoted to General at the beginning of October, we had a really small amount of people on the ranks. Kevin, Agent, and Dan were leading, though I began to work closest with Dan.

Dan was the main and best recruiter, so I worked with him a lot on recruiting, and I made a page on my WP site to store penguins and recruiting lines. I used to make him penguins and put them on the page, this was before we had account generators so I would manually make them, add items, and dress them, which took a while to do. Agent and Dj Dan also used the page, so later I made Dan his own page so no one would use his penguins. I also made a few sets of recruiting lines, and I autotyped almost every day. It was never a burden for me to do this because I wanted to feel useful and that I was helping the army.

In late November, Agent stepped down from his leadership position to 2ic, so it was just Dan and Kevin as leaders. Dan taught me how to bot recruit and we worked together almost every day and slowly got better at it. In December things starting going well for us. Kevin, Dan, and Agent created a new generation for the Nachos.

I remember during the month of December Dan would advocate for me to be leader. Kevin and Dan promoted me to Nacho Leader on December 31st, 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 11.34.53 AM

At the time, both great leaders, I found them to be very different. Kevin was always most notable during events, especially important battles. He inspired the troops, he led the troops, he commanded respect from the troops. He was at the centre during battle time. Dan was hardest working in the behind-the-scenes activities of the army. Recruiting day and night, being on chat hours before events to make sure it would fill up come battle time, troops got to know Dan during these times. As time went on things would change a bit, but this is how I saw things back in Jan – Feb 2016. When they promoted me to Leader, I tried to be a balance of their two leadership styles. I wanted to be a good, authoritative battle leader, at least to the point that no one would question my ability to lead, and I also wanted to be a great recruiter. It took some time, but around March I started feeling like the leader I wanted to be.

Kevin was my mentor and really showed me how to be a leader. I learned a lot from him as we went through wars, tournaments, and just everyday army events. We quickly became closer friends, Kevin guided me during my leadership. Even when he retired at first in mid February, he stayed to help advise our leadership, and returned to lead to help us through wars.


Some time in March 2016 we got an account generator, which boosted our recruiting tremendously. On the recruiting page I had for Dan I would keep track of how many penguins I made. Even though I stopped making penguins for Dan because we both had an account generator, I still kept track, and never stopped keeping track even to this day. In total I have created exactly 2,576 recruiting penguins, meaning I created and activated 2576 penguins (either manually or with a script) which were used for the purpose of recruiting, be it bot recruiting or autotyping. Most of them were used by myself, though probably around 300 were used by Dan, and maybe 50-100 used by a combo of Kevin, Agent, and Dj Dan.

With the easy access to as many penguins as we needed, Dan and I recruited a lot more. I would even leave my laptop on some nights and let the script run overnight. Other armies began to put more bots on CP, so we did too. On average I started putting 20 bots on at a time, in all different rooms on busy servers, and upwards of 30 on the days of important battles. It was glorious. There was a short period of time where we’d get 800-1200 views and around 15 join comments a day. I think the most bots I put on at once was 42. People around the community started complaining that armies were spamming with too many bots, and for some reason that was a bad thing? It was working fantastically. We filled up our join page with over 1100 join comments and had to make a new join page. Obviously most of these recruits didn’t stay in Nachos, but a good portion of them would at least come to a couple events, which helped us a lot.


Only Dan and I will know just how much work we each put in to recruiting. I was one of the first people to get IP banned from CP, along with Dan, about 3-4 weeks before it became widespread news around CP Armies that CP started IP banning those who bot recruit. In fact for a long time I felt like I was on CP’s Most Wanted list. Not only was I IP banned, but every penguin I would log on with would get banned forever within a couple days. I stopped logging in with my main penguin some time in April to ensure it wouldn’t get banned. Since then I’ve only used spare accounts so I wouldn’t care when they got banned, my most recent one is Swagmanstone.

Other than the bans, CP took other action once in a while including mass censoring in April and May, changing their registration to patch account generators in July, and later adding a captcha to their activation. But towards the end of July they made bot recruiting stop working by causing the penguins to get muted when logged in through a bot script. So since that day I was forced to autotype again, which is why my penguin Swagmanstone hasn’t been banned yet. Had bot recruiting still I worked I would have probably reached 3000 recruiting penguins.

Throughout my time in Nachos we fought in many wars, against many armies including rpf, ACP, NW, DW, LT, PCP, and more. Time and time again we’ve shown our strength and persistence in tough situations, and came out victorious in most of them. Personally I never really disliked any other armies, other than rpf. They’re just the gayest army of all time, I mean look at their uniform. They don’t even look like penguins, more like some shitty built robots. That and they always feel the need to declare war on us. We ended up defeating them in 4 wars.



I’m very grateful to have led the legendary Nacho Army, and I’m thankful for all the friends I’ve made here, and all the amazing troops in this army.

Around mid June I started getting a little bored, but I wanted to stay because I knew we could have a great summer and I wanted to help it stay that way and be a apart of it as well. In the beginning of July, even though our sizes had improved and things were going well, I got less and less interested. Not being able to use my main penguin contributed to that also. In the beginning of July I was on vacation for about 10 days, and when I came back I felt refreshed to get back into it. Also, the CPA server map was launched and that sparked some new interest for me, especially during our most recent war with rpf. Props to Commando for making it and running it so smoothly up to this point. I am retiring but I won’t completely disappear. I’m forcing myself to avoid anything CP related for a bit while I adjust back to school, but afterwards I’ll be on from time to time. I look forward to going on my main penguin soon.


My Nacho Army Rap:



Funny posts: 



I only included current Nachos and wrote a couple sentences, otherwise it would take forever to think of everyone and write something.

Legofan Cy: Lego, you were my first friend in Nachos so I put you first on this list. You’re one of the best friends I’ve had here, and you have so much passion and dedication for the Nachos. If you wanted to, I know you’d make a great leader, but I’m not sure if that’s what you want. You’ve done so much for the Nachos and helped in countless ways. Thanks for everything.

Kevin[B Batman3]: You are truly a Nacho Legend in every respect, building the army back up from nothing when all the Legends left and still leading today to make sure the Nachos stay alive and well. It was an honour leading with you, thank you for everything and for always sticking by our side. They should build a statue of B Batman III in White House.

Agent233: Even after you stepped down from leader back in late November, I still looked upon you as a leader figure. You’re one of the most humble people in Nachos. Thanks for everything, you were always there to help.

Dan101: Dan, you are my closest friend in CP armies, I worked closer with you than anyone else. You helped build the Nachos up, and like I said before, no one other than me will know just how much work you put in as a leader, and only you will know just how much work I put in. I really enjoyed leading with you, and you coming back to lead now makes me want to stay!  You are undoubtedly a Nacho Legend in my opnion, thanks for everything and I wish you the best.

Fluffy 9404: My Xat BFF. You are one of the funniest and most creative Nachos, your propaganda and other graphics are awesome. I’m glad we got to lead together for a short time. You’re a great friend and fun to chat with. Thanks for everything.

Camperjohn64: Camper, you’re a great leader and I glad we became friends and lead together this summer. You were one of the driving forces to help us win the war against rpf. Your loyalty to the Nachos is unquestionable. Thanks for everything.

Puckley + Edd64: Two of my original leaders! Puck, thank you checking in and visiting once in a while. It was really cool when you came on for our March Madness Final to motivate us and help us win, and thanks for your kind words to me after we won. Edd you recruited me into the Nachos. It was cool to have you back for the summer, thanks for all the advice and for coming back to lead a few battles.

Guitar48300 + Dj Dan: Guitar, we never spoke that much, but you’ve stayed in the Nachos for years without leaving, you’ve seen many generations of leaders and wars come and go. To me you’re a timeless symbol in an ever changing army. Dj Dan, you make the best active count comments. Viva las Nachas.

Conno, Poseidon, Casillas, Hazie, Jammi Dodger, and 95 Spider: At first some of the leaders doubted your ability, but you’ve proven your worthiness and your loyalty. You were a big part of why this summer went well for us and I thank you all for being great owners and great friends with me. Keep it up, and each of you could be a Nacho leader in the future.

Ryan and Snickers: You’re both relatively new to the Nachos, but you’ve been great owners and helped out in many ways, including recruiting. Thanks for everything.

Baseball, Katniss, Blueysib, Nylam, Cookky, Apple, Boss, Alex, Pakusch, Dev, The Nacho10, Datdudebp, Emily, Toyabear, Mutee, Otto, Sofia, Tobuscus, Montless, James, any others I missed: Thanks for being active members/moderators. Keep attending battles and have fun!!!


And with that, I’ve come to the end of this post. I will leave you with a picture to remember me by.

March 23, 2015 – August 28, 2016

Stone523 - 77th Nacho Leader.png

\(º0º)/ Stone523 \(º0º)/
77th Nacho Army Leader

17 Responses

  1. Sad to see you go.. 😦

  2. This post was more than touching, Stone you’re a freak of nature and I mean it. Who ever thought someone who was private last year would within 5 months or so become an amazing leader. You proved anyone could be a Nacho leader. I went from teaching you a little bit about battles, to where you’re leading them better than me. It was awesome leading with you, and unfortunately no one will know how much time and effort you/Dan put into recruiting. It really sucks to see you go. You were the main leader of the Nachos this summer, and you should be proud of that. In every regard you’ve earned the title of Nacho legend. Your CP raps, Duck Defenders, and everything else lowkey hilarious you’ve done will never leave me. Stone you’re a leader, friend and rapper I’ll never forget. There’s a saying, “I’d go to war with you.” Well Stone, I’d go to war with you (even though I have already, but I’m applying the real life saying). Thanks for everything Stone, you truly were a legendary leader that should never be forgotten.

    Mess with the best, dye like the rest.

  3. Stone you will be missed by me and the rest of the Nachos Army. You are truly one of the best leaders Ive met and one of the best people Ive met. You have a big heart and have always helped people in need. (Including me) I will miss that. I came back to the Nachos when you were leading 8 months in and I hope in that time you could call me a friend. I didnt have a single clue what I was doing in armies again until you helped me relearn everything by not only explaining in full detail but by leading by example. If I ever become leader I hope I can be the same as you…a big heart. I will miss you Stonno please come by and visit.

  4. I don’t usually comment on retirement posts; mostly because I don’t know what to say.. . Stone, I don’t remember you a lot as member, possibly because you were member for a very short period of time. What I remember is that you were one of the most active and loyal member/mod I’ve seen, as well as getting owner quickly AF. Stone DXXIII, you are a bro. You’re chill, great to lead, funny and most of all, a brilliant friend. I wish you the best of luck in your life, school and future. Love you man ❤ . Visit us as much possible! Viva los Nachos, fellow brother!!! ❤ ❤

  5. stone, you were such a wonderfull leader. you would always help out dan and the other leaders during battles to make the nachos would win. we will all miss you stone and we will keep making the nachos proud long after u leav


  6. I’m gonna miss you Stone. I shall now dub thee “The Tank Stone” in honor of you being a tank at leading. It’ll be sad to see you go and I hope we see eachother again in future. The army will miss your presence. You put endless hours in recruiting and battles and leading that you kept this army growing strong. I didn’t know you very well but, I knew the moment I first saw you lead that you were a leader for the future. I won’t forget you ever, the army will never forget you. Your presence remains and your ideals and loyalty have inspired many troops. If we have troops like you, I will be so excited for our future.
    Goodbye Stoner’s Boner.


  7. Stone, i will miss you goodbye, it was nice knowing you. You were very inspiring, just look man you’ve made thousands of posts. The Modern Nachos are based of you.
    Thank You and good luck in high school.
    (put him on the legends post :D)

  8. Stone its really sad to see u go. U were one of the best leaders of the nachos. Not only leader u were a really good friend. I had a really great time with u . U have always been a true and passionate leader. Ur contributions to this army r great and u really deserve the title of “legend” . I’m gonna miss ya,
    Swagmanstone. Wishing u the best in ur life ahead.
    Cya soon 😀

  9. thank you stone! when it was my first event you help me! you served use well!
    #1 leader

  10. I don’t know you that well, but I can tell you’ve put a lot of work into the Nachos. I salute you for your contributions, and wish you luck in the rest of your life.

  11. You were a great leader stone. Shame we didn’t get to chat much. I hope you will visit from time to time

  12. Sad too see such a great leader leave :(, good luck with life bro!

  13. Thanks for being such a great leader, you will never be forgotten. Good luck with life.

  14. I will miss you a lot Stone. You were a fantastic leader, that took over the leading very good, especially at our important battles, but we all know that we have to do drastic changes at our lifes sometimes. I wish you the better in the life, and you surely will be forever in all Nachos troops’ hearts. Thanks for all, and have good luck in the life.

  15. Well every leader when I first joined is now gone. Just saw this but good luck in any future endeavours. You were a really friendly guy who did alot for the army

  16. welcome to retirement island stone!!

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