Ownership Kik Group


Greetings Soldiers,

I will be making a kik group to effectively remind owners and troops of events. If you have a kik account troops, please pc Steve on chat and tell him your username. Owners, I would like it if you would download the kik app and make an account if you don’t have one already. This will also be to share concerns throughout the ownership without only a few being on xat at one time. I know that I have requested this before, but now that I am leader, I am making it a requirement for all owners. Thanks!


Nachos Leader

10 Responses

  1. I can’t get kik, sadly.

    • Don’t you have a phone or tablet?

      • I do but I am not allowed it.

        • Alright

  2. KIK how to make another person owner in a public group chat

    • lol wrong place to ask m8. rip Nachos always will be in my heart ❤ 😦 .


  3. Do the Nachos have like a discord cause the Xat chat is dead

    • I think they do

    • There’s a few now
      https://discord.gg/zETRGp5 Army Lounge
      https://discord.gg/MKF4nqk Nacho Army(lego’s discord server)
      https://discord.gg/9NYVKGw nachoshq (djdans empty server)

  4. I really dont remember writing this…

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